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Rookie Building

Showroom MAMA is a presentation-institution at the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam that shows contemporary art. MAMA shows various exhibitions of young artists. Showroom MAMA is supported by a group young volunteers that wish to learn more about the creative sector. MAMA calls their volunteers Rookies and gives them the changes to learn more by doing. MAMA is for them the changes to make their first steps and projects in the creative sector.

Summer 2014 Yos Purwanto and Brigitte Jansen created a program where the Rookie group can learn with and from each other, called Rookie Building. Every month and a half an evening is organized about one of the following topics; team-building, communication skills, art theory.

Rookie Building - Brigitte Jansen

#1 “How’s your MAMA!?” with Abner Preis, Aline Yntema, Ariadne Urlus.

Rookie Building - Brigitte Jansen

#2 “What’s you talent!?” Talent-analyse workshop by Lody Meijer.

Rookie Building - Brigitte Jansen

#3 “The art of asking questions ” Workshop about socratic dialogue by Anne Keereweer.