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Ander Nieuws

Ander Nieuws - Brigitte Jansen
Ander Nieuws - Brigitte Jansen

Photo by Paul Ridderhof

In collaboration with media artist Geert Mul, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision researched how large collections of digital audiovisual material could be presented in a way that contributes to the experience of the museum visitors. Late 2014 a prototype of an interactive installation was realized based on this research. This prototype allows the visitor to establish correlations between subject of the NOS 20.00 Journaal from 2011, 2012 and 2013. A visitor is placed in a constructive and creative relationship with the news-database: with the visitor serving as an "information engineer". Depending on the intentions and actions of the visitor Ander Nieuws can be a form of entertainment, an art piece or a research tool.

The project researched how to provide insight on how correlations between newstopics are made, based on recently developed techniques. The dataset, consisting of 12.000 video items of the eight o'clock news in the period of 2011- 2013, was indexed bij speech-recognition software developed by the University of Twente. Language analysis technology of the University of Amsterdam makes it possible to create semantic relations of the newstopics based on the output of the speech-recognition. The Research and Development department of Sound and Vision has connected these underlying techniques to each other.

The installation submerges the visitor with these video images and lets them experience the immensity of the digital archive. At the same time they see which new, sometimes surprising, relationships between the newstopics are made by the algorithm.

Ander Nieuws is a research project of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and media artist Geert Mul in collaboration with Centraal Museum, Huis voor Beeldcultuur, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Museum Of The Image - MOTI en The Nederlands Fotomuseum. The project is made possible by financial support from Fonds 21 and Creative Industries Fund NL.

Projectleader: Brigitte Jansen
Media-artist: Geert Mul
Manager R&D Sound and Vision: Johan Oomen
Data Analyse: Jaap Blom
Software production: Roy Bekhuis

Interview with Johan Oomen and Geert Mul.