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Trending Topic Live!

Trending Topic Live - Brigitte Jansen
Trending Topic Live  - Brigitte Jansen

Trending Topic Live! Is a research project at the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision that researches how a big collection digital heritage can be shown in a relevant way to the public through a interactive museum installation. It researches how online content can generate a filter that makes the digital heritage relevant again and supplements to the experience of the museum visitor.

As part of my study Communication and Multimedia Design I wrote my thesis about this subject and was part of this research project. Based on various research methods and it’s outcomes I made a conceptual model and design-criteria for the design of a interactive museum installation.
Based on this I made a design concept for a interactive table that a visitor can operate by a physical object. The interactive table shows digital heritage based on today’s newspaper headlines. This way old audio-visual material is made relevant again for the visitor again.

My thesis can be found here. (In dutch)