About Brigitte Jansen

Brigitte Jansen (1991) is a Rotterdam-based graphic designer and project lead in the cultural field. In her work research, experimention and new ways of learning are important. 

As a visual artist she is interested in combining the physical and digital worlds and playing with forms of interaction known in these worlds. This way she brings new notion to everyday interactions. She has a trial-and-error approach in her design and works in an interdisciplinary way; from designing websites and posters, to museum installations and making imagery with food or found footage. Brigitte does commissioned work as well as on self-initiated projects.

Over the years Brigitte has worked for several cultural institutes as a project lead, art mediator or curator. Since 2013 she works at the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision where she leads research projects concerning new and innovative ways of presenting digital cultural heritage. In her work she advocates the importance of creative re-use of these collections by young artists. Heritage collections are not meant to dust away in big cold depots. By collaborating with young and emerging artists, new stories and contexts can be made with historical heritage. She therefore presses the importance for museums and archives to open up their collections.

At other cultural institutes, such as Showroom MAMA and the Rijksacademie, Brigitte also works with young artists. Talent development is an important subject in many of her projects. The projects she works on have many different outcomes, among others: museum installations, workshops, websites, exhibitions and art tours, but are always done with great passion.


Nominated for the Museumtalent prize 2018

Most Innovative Use of Archive FIAT/IFTA Award 2015 for the project Ander Nieuws

Online Presence - Bronze MUSE Award 2014 for the project Na de Bevrijding XL


Markus G., Brinkerink M. & Jansen B. (2018) Embedding artists at Sound and Vision

Showroom MAMA (2015) Een wijze van leren. Groot worden binnen culturele instituten.

Kommen, L., Mostert, K., & Jansen, B. (2015) Europeana TV. Open up culture, enrich television.

Baltussen, L.B., Verbruggen E., Jansen, B. , Oomen, J., Freiburg, B. & van de Kar, L. (2014) Na de Bevrijding XL: Expanding a Historical Television Series with Archival Sources.

Jansen, B. (2013). Trending Topics Live! Digitaal erfgoed in een museale beleving. 


The Ultimate GIF Battle, 2018, jury

Showroom MAMA Networks, 2017-heden, selectiecommissie

Open Media Art, 2016, selectiecommissie

MEDEA Awards, 2015, jury


Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Graphic Design

Hogeschool Rotterdam, Rotterdam

Communication and Multimedia Design